Engineering solutions for special transport

It takes more to transport special transport than just the equipment.

Skilled drivers, a motivated team, following the legislation, minimizing risks and ensuring safety – that is elementary and unavoidable. However, in order to make something happen according to the plan, you first need a relevant plan that deals with all the important details. A plan, which is understandable, manageable and relatable.
The methods and calculations for fastening, route (bridges, docks, road surfaces, ramps) strength calculations, simulations of difficult manoeuvres, calculations for load capacities and weight distributions etc. – planning, analysing, calculating and optimizing all of it, based on the specifics and specific demands of each project, is the function of our engineering department. Correct form, such as a simple drawing or a detailed project performance plan, gives us the confidence to accept different challenges, ensures detailed communication and smooth stall-free work.