If you are looking for a reliable organizer for special transport – whether it be oversized, heavy or technically complicated – you have found the right address! We are the engineers and transport managers of multimodal special transport and heavy-lift transport solutions, your partner in logistics and the conductor of your projects. We organize single transport, as well as difficult and time-consuming projects. Special transport is a well-executed chain of different actions. The additional work involved with special transport can be several times as time-consuming as the performance itself. The loading schemes, selection of equipment, route, loading, transport permits etc. must form a consistent whole. Our experience allows us to choose the correct methods and necessary procedures so that your risks are minimized, loads are delivered, and the contracts are fulfilled on time. Call us, send us an e-mail or visit us for consultation regarding special transport!

What kind of transport do I need?

The time consuming process of obtaining the approval from different road owners is what we do daily and for this reason, we have the road administrations of different countries on speed dial.

If there is more produce than fits in the yard.

15 years worth of information allows us to choose the potential working routes.

Formalizing and administering correct freight documents keeps the paperwork in check and operational.


Without acknowledging the details, the bigger picture might be ignored and solutions not found. We approach our projects and clients on service basis and with vertical market methods. Vertical market is a collection of clients with similar goods or demands, where logistic requirements and necessary knowledge and vocabulary can sometimes differ. This information and knowledge, accumulating slowly and over time, allows us to find innovative and cost-effective solutions in a constantly changing world and keep our expertise and information up to date. The existing knowledge of the basic logistic transportation requirements in some field simplifies the process of finding solutions and conducting negotiations and finding out the demands. The prolonged explanations are not needed and it is possible to start working out the solutions immediately.