Agriculture and forest management

What good comes from sown crops that are not harvested?

We feel the client’s pain when harvest is pending and it is suddenly necessary to start machine maintenance. Every minute is on the line, every cent is accounted for and, sometimes, it is necessary to even split the penny. It only takes the name and mark of the machine for us to know what we are dealing with and how it must be transported, instead of spending time with working out the measurements and other specifics.

We have a specialized team that can handle most machines, load them independently on transportation equipment, assemble, raise and dismantle hitching devices. This ensures a continuous workflow and allows you to carry on with your main activities.

Combines, tractors, ensilage trailers, grain trailers, cultivators, harrows, mowers, ploughs, rotators, peat quarry equipment, front loaders, harvesters, extractors.