About Us

Vision, philosophy and values

People are our greatest asset. Equipment is important. Computer systems are important and project management manners are important. People set the system in motion. We cherish peoples’ health and safety and consider all the people we meet as our own – workers, subcontractors, clients.
Working environment is what we make of it and where we spend most of our time. As a transport company, we realize that our working environment extends from our office to the client’s object and all the roads in between. Our working environment could be anywhere – everyday traffic, our workshop, office, client’s object, the driver’s cabin, the project manager’s accommodation, the engineer’s chair. It is our obligation as a company to ensure safety in all those places.
Innovation is an endless process – may it be developing a new loading solution or a means of leading a project. We know that if we cannot find the solution that makes the existing ones obsolete or useless, someone else will.

Quality and occupational safety

Quality in our line of work means doing things right even when nobody is looking. Appropriate and maintained hauling equipment, competent workers, document management, formalizing, insurance, technical solutions and drawings, permits, coordination etc. – all of it must become our joint effort that fulfils a single purpose – to produce sustainable and exceptional transport solutions. Such, on which the client can rely on today, tomorrow and in ten years’ time.
Quality lies namely in the trust that even when you are not present, we are still at the top of our game. So that you could be sure the offered solutions and possibilities will also function in the future. So that you could enter into contracts and supply your products and services to your clients without having to think about whether your partners might let you down.
We will not let you down. We shall transport your loads, because that is how we can survive today, tomorrow and next year. We are oriented to long-term client relations and we want to think of our clients as partners, where cooperation creates the 1+1=3 symbiosis.


Vahur Krautman

Chief Operative Officer

E-mail: Vahur@kaarlaid.ee
Mobile: +372 56 259 258

Himre Beljäev

Project manager - heavy loads

E-mail: himre@kaarlaid.ee
Phone: +372 6000 201
Mobile: +372 56 833 809

Urmas Vare

Project manager - Europe

E-mail: urmas@kaarlaid.ee
Phone: +372 6000 208
Mobile: +372 56 637 437

Kuido Liivoja

Project Manager - Baltics

E-mail: kuido@kaarlaid.ee
Phone: +372 6000 202
Mobile: +372 56 237 257

Marii Kivinurm


E-mail: marii@kaarlaid.ee
Mobile: +372 5199 1389

Triin Helmar

Project manager assistant - Baltics

E-mail: triin@kaarlaid.ee
Phone: +372 6000 206
Mobile: +372 56 940 877

Erle Himuškin


Phone: +372 6000 205

Andres Lampe

Chief Executive Officer

E-mail: andres@kaarlaid.ee
Mobile: +372 55 44 592

Kamo Azojan

Equipment maintaneance

E-mail: kamo@kaarlaid.ee
Phone: +372 6000 142
Mobile: +372 56 957 018

Urmas Sirak

Kaarlaid terminal administrator

E-mail: urmas.sirak@kaarlaid.ee
Phone: +372 5770 4417