CAD-2D/3D planning and simulations

We do not leave anything to chance.

Accuracy comes first in our line of work and nothing is planned on gut feeling. A big part of planning is placing the loads accurately on transport devices and achieving optimal load sizes. Answers to questions, such as “is this securing method safe?”, “does it fit through this street bend?”, “is this securing method safe for that particular load?”. The software allows the simulation of different scenarios and helps to solve the possible problems already in the planning phase. Simplicity in working with accurate sketches and models ensures an efficient project management and communication on the international level.

Computer simulations allow making more precise calculations and developing optimal solutions. It is not necessary to rent a too large crane or trailer “just in case” that will indeed complete the job but at a double cost. Or the other way around – renting equipment that is incapable of performing the task and creates standstills and breaks promises.