Steampunk installation relocation

Now this was a project that deserves sharing with You!

This futuristic steampunk installation was set up in the heart of Tallinn in 2019 for the Tallinn Architecture Biennale. The whole installation was built locally – ash wood strips and stainless steel was assembled into intricate geometries following holographic guides, projected through an augmented reality headset designed to aid manufacturing. It stood in the middle of town for three years and now it was time to make room for something new.

But this great work of art – not to mention technology and effort that was put into building it – deserved its place in the new city space to be showed for longer than it was originally planned. For this reason, Estonian Center of Architecture and a real estate development company contacted us to disassemble, transport and reassemble this huge artistic masterpiece. But transporting it via Tallinn city in one piece would have been unthinkable because of the dimensions of this thing – 10m long, 9,3m wide and nearly 5m high. Based on the 3D drawings provided by the client we worked out a plan how to temporarily ‘open’ it to two smaller-but-still-big units, allowing then to lift it from its foundation to our lowbed trailers and reassemble in the new location. The whole project took about 3 weeks of planning and preparation and 5 working days to finish.